Where did 11 days go?

Today is 14th September, the previous date would universally be accepted as 13th September. But this was not the case in 1752 in Britain.

As part of the switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar (which we use now) and to realign the days with the seasons, 11 days were skipped. The day after 2nd September was the 14th September.

I wonder how our computers would have coped with such a blip? I wouldn’t want to pay interest on my mortgage for them, but would be happy to be paid for the whole month.

Don’t get me started on the new year beginning on 25th March – that’s for another day.

1939 Register Coming Soon!

I am very excited about the forthcoming release of the 1939 register by www.findmypast.co.uk which should occur sometime in 2015, as long as the release date does not get pushed back. Perhaps the launch day will be 29th September which is the anniversary  of when the original was taken 76 years ago?

I do have a few concerns surrounding the publication of the data, mostly related to how you will go about proving that someone has died (persons who would be under the age of 100 now and not recorded as deceased will not be visible without proof that they have passed on).

In any case, it should help a lot of people get into genealogy. I will review the register as soon as it is launched.

My First Post

On this blog I will cover some of the interesting stories I have uncovered whilst reserching mine and others family history.

I will also comment on some news worthy genealogical items and review some of the online and offline sources used by family historians.

I hope you enjoy

Tony Griggs